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  • Michele Ingenito
    Michele Ingenito
    Founder and CEO

    Michele leads successfully the team since 2006. Founder, CEO and Project Manager, he manages clients, supervises the workflow and tries to meet deadlines.

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  • Alfonso D'Antuono
    Alfonso D'Antuono
    Co-founder and Creative Director

    Alfonso is responsible for the Visual communication of all projects by Dynamicsoft. He coordinates the Web/UX Design team and works mainly on the graphics customization of digital products and the commercial management.

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  • Adele Della Puzza
    Adele Della Puzza
    Administrator for Italy and Serbia

    Adele is responsible for the administration and the accounting of Dynamicsoft Srl (Italia) and Dynamicsoft Doo (Serbia).

  • Antonio Gallucci
    Antonio Gallucci
    Software Project Manager

    Antonio manages the software development for all the projects, in Italy and in Serbia. He defines requirements from client's needs and plan the activities. He also participates in the development of the more complex software components.

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  • Daniel Della Puzza
    Daniel Della Puzza
    Full stack developer

    Daniel is responsible for the bug fixing for our platform. He also works on the development of its new modules and features. He supports the tech team in Novi Sad.

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  • Stefanija Stankovic
    Stefanija Stankovic
    Web developer

    Stefanija is responsible for the front-end development for Dynamicsoft Doo, Serbia. She works closely with the tech team from Italy. She coordinates and supports the other tech team players.

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