An incredible opportunity for innovative startups


When a new business starts is essential to maximize the productivity, manage information, plan company resources and create more sales channels to increase profitability.
Dynamicsoft has developed a dedicated program for all the most innovative startups that need a complete, flexible and integrated platform.


Providing your startup with the best in terms of platform, technical support and know-how, all at a very low cost for three years.


All selected startups will benefit from:

  • 50% discount on Wsc Printer permanent license and annual maintenance
  • 30% discount on Wsc Printer Saas license
  • No activation fee for Saas license
  • 50% discount on additional modules
  • Consulting by our specialists
  • Support by phone.

Example: Our contribution for the Wsc Printer Enterprise version equals EUR 8,563.00 in three years.

Eligibility requirements

Find out now if your startup can join our program and get all the benefits.
The requirements include:

  • being founded for less than two years
  • not being the result of mergers, transfers or sale of a business unit
  • no distribution of profits
  • having an annual turnover of less than EUR 5 million.

Selection criteria

Dynamicsoft Startup Program is a project for startups that:

  • can get great benefits by using the Wsc Printer Platform
  • can grow rapidly and unpredictably
  • cannot bear the costs for a Print MIS/ERP and Web-to-Print platform.

Project evaluation

Dynamicsoft guarantees the analysis and evaluation for all the submitted projects.

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