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Which uses cookies Dynamicsoft Srl?

  • Technical We only use anonymous technical cookies that are essential for the proper functioning of the site, for the management of the event and those internal capabilities of our system.

  • Analytical We use analytical cookies third part (Google) to analyze the behavior of visitors for statistical purposes and be completely anonymous. This helps us to continually improve the site offering users the best browsing experience possible.

  • Marketing We use cookies anonymous third part (Google) to offer banner advertising on third part website ( for visitors to our site. .


What are cookies?
Cookies are small test files that visited Internet sites send to your terminal (computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet), where they are stored. Cookies are saved in the browser directory. At each subsequent visit to the site in question, the browser sends the cookie back to the site itself, so that the latter recognizes the terminal, thus improving the experience of use of the user at each subsequent visit to the site.
To learn more, please read the wikipedia page reference: Cookie (Wikipedia)
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Cookie management
Cookies can be deleted or edited directly from the user's browser.
The visitor has the full control of cookies and their use.
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