Discover all the benefits we offer to non profit organizations


Dynamicsoft offers to nonprofit organizations like yours the opportunity to access to all Wsc Printer tools.


Providing nonprofit organizations with tools and consulting to work more efficiently, in favor of a more effective staff collaboration and by eliminating IT costs.


All selected organizations will benefit from:

  • Up to 80% discount on Wsc Printer permanent license and free annual maintenance
  • Up to 80% discount on Wsc Printer Saas license
  • Consulting by our specialists
  • Support by phone.

Accepted organizations

Find out now if your organization can join our program and get all the benefits of this initiative.

  • Academic institutions (schools, universities, research laboratories, cultural centers)
  • Civic and political associations
  • Religious organizations
  • Charities
  • Voluntary organizations.

Selection criteria

Dynamicsoft reserves the right to accept or reject the application or participation in an organization at any time and for any reason, and the right to supplement or edit these eligibility criteria at any time.
Selections are made by Dynamicsoft and they are not subject to external review.

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