Custom print production control

Order Monitor automatizes print web order management

Wsc Printer customization for Upi

This client asked us to develop an application we have called Order Monitor for controlling the entire production process for print orders from the ecommerce.

Below you can see the print order processing implemented into the application.

Each print order consists of one or more jobs that represent the effective document to be printed. Each order composition comes from the name of document. Hot Manager function defines the Hot Folders that contain the jobs to be printed. On the basis of the Hot Folder received file (either pdf or postscript) and its filename extension, the Document Converter produces a file containing the PJL commands. These ones are recognized by the associated printer and the produced file goes to the same printer Queue folder. The Order Manager, instead, is the real control center for the application that works with the Printer Controller. The main actions provide to:

Flusso Upi monitor

Verify the availability for all the jobs included into an order

Verify the press status

Manage print jobs

Delete files from queue and produce Logfiles both in case of errors and success.