Wsc Printer with new custom applications

Quality control and automation processes

Wsc Printer customization for Large Format

We have developed a project to create a quality control system for print products and an automated process to read and write data.
This system has required a structure composedy by mechanic, electronic and software components through a line called Post Print Controller.

PostPrint Controller mechanic and electronic structure

IoT digital printing control

Paper insert system

Paper loader

Central terminal for electronic devices support and paper scrolling to the paper loader

High speed bar code reader

High speed sight detector and high speed tag RIFD reader and data writing

IoT gateway linked to the devices. Data sending to Dynamicsoft Cloud. Production monitoring and control by Wsc Printer.

IoT digital printing control

Control flow

The system was able to keep control of the entire workflow. In case of a detected error, an error controller would have defined which operations to be done.

IoT control flow